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Linux Mint 11: “Katya”

Linux Mint 11, based on the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”, will be released in May this year under the codename “Katya”.

Origins: Russian name. Greek origins, associated with the meaning “pure”.

Mint blog

Thoughts on the name and/or features it should have?



Linux Malicious Commands to Know!

These commands will erase your hard drive:

sudo mkfs
sudo mkfs.ext3
sudo mkfs.bfs
sudo mkfs.cramfs
sudo mkfs.ext2
sudo mkfs.minix
sudo mkfs.msdos
sudo mkfs.reiserfs
sudo mkfs.vfat

These will damage your operating system.

sudo rm -rf / (deletes all your files on your system)
sudo rm -rf * (deletes all your files on your system)
rm -rf * or rm -rf *.* (deletes all your files on your system)
rm -rf ~/ & (deletes all your files on your system)


luckily for the most part you don’t have to worry about people doing these command because of ‘sudo’ unless they know your password :/

well now you know, use this power for good!

Measuring at just 2 x 2 x 2.2 inches this is the smallest Desktop PC. And it’s running Linux, one more point for Linux coolness.


Size of the PC


Too bad you still need wires:

In action


300 mhz atom
external video connector
supports 1280 x 1024 resolution.
Flash memory card slot
USB port
and a serial port.

Too bad barely any OS will run on it. 😦 Still  a neat little Box.

manufacturers website (japanese)


In september fluxbox and mint fans were suprised with the newly added support of Mint 9 Fluxbox. Soon weeks after Mint 10 came out with its amazing icons and smooth theme. The wish for a Fluxbox 10 was on the minds of most users who decided to stay dedicated to the world of flux.

On February 14th, mint released two lovely announcements of Mint 10 KDE and LXDE. With these two out in the world. Will there be hope for a Mint 10 Fluxbox? Tell me what you think below. If so what features do you think it will contain? As well as what do you wish to see? Will you be updating?

I am hoping for a more panel customization from GUI and some fixes on icon updates. I always enough a fresh install of an OS on my netbook, so waiting for a new flux and it coming out will bring my great happiness.


John Riselvato

How to: Install .bin file

How to: Install .bin file

You can install it from CUI. Just open a terminal and type this:

chmod +x file.bin

The installation will then start.

The simplest way to extract to a specific directory:
For a .tar.gz:

tar -xvzf file.tar.gz -C directory

For a .tar.bz2:

tar -xvjf file.tar.bz2 -C directory

To extract a tar.bz2 file, use the command (note the j option)

tar -jxvf filename.tar.bz2

To extract a tar.gz file, the the command (note the z option)

tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz

More then one distro on USB? Sign me up!

Tutorial on how to boot more then one Linux Distro from your USB:

I haven’t had a chance to run through this, but this is an amazing idea. Its perfect, i know once i get some free time i am going to put Ubuntu, Mint and slax all on my 8gig!


New Years Resolutions

Well most of you don’t come on here to learn anything about me. but this is a blog and my resolutions do sort of relate to this blog so i figured i post it. Plus i think if i make resolutions in my head they will fail cause i never wrote them down. Lets be honest do you remember your last years resolution?

So heres my list of Resolutions;

1. Study Korean for atleast 30 minutes a day.
My korean studies have been pretty poor and to say i have been studying it for 2 semesters would be a lie cause i only remember about 1% of what i really learned.
2. Programming
I program about 4-5 hours a day (away from work) but i don’t seem to really build any thing worth while. Mostly learning different tasks and making mini applications. I want to go all out this year and start on a program (today 1st of January, 2011) and finish it on January 1st of 2012! One of my first long term goals.
3. Schooling/college
I really want to end my last semester kicking its ass. I want to completely destroy it. So by this i am going to be the top of my class in at least one class and ever other ones i want to be keeping a steady A.
4. Linux Relations
I really want to join fluxbox and build on to it. By making patches and fixes or new improvements to the code. Something that i wont spend alot of time on but would be nice to help out my favorite linux distro.
5. Blog
I would really like to work on this blog alot more. My biggest goal is atleast 2 blog posts a week and at least 1000 views a month. Which wont take off that fast but over time i guess.

Thanks for reading or skipping over this. good luck with your resolutions. If you have any resolutions your self. Share them below! ^_^

If you ever tried to add korean in your prints or what have you with python you will notice you get an error looking like this:

SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ‘\xec’ in file on line 10, but no encoding declared; see for details

Luckily this is an extremely easy fix!

just add this to the top of your script:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

example source with korean:

Enjoy and Happy New Years!



Before we start i just want everyone to know PC = windows. PC means personal computer, not an operating system.

Now you might be asking why would you want to run Android on your PC? Well why not, its an easy way to test our the OS as well as test applications on it.

The androids home is

USB booting

The easiest way i find to running Android on your PC is through USB. You will need the right ISO, you can find that here.

1. Choose the files ‘liveandroidv0.2usb.iso.001’ and ‘liveandroidv0.2usb.iso.002’ to download, when you have both right click and extract ‘liveandroidv0.2usb.iso.001’ this will join both files into one.

2. Download UNetbootin. This will convert the ISO into a readable and bootable USB operating system.

3. Run UNetbootin, load the Liveandroid.iso into the unetbootin application. Ensure your USB is inserted, select the right drive of your USB. Then allow UNetBootin to turn your USB into a portable OS.

4. After the install is completed restart your computer, turn on USB mode in your bios and then boot from USB. If your turned USB mode on you will see an option to boot from USB.

Note: If your computer hangs on boot up that means your hardware is not compatible with running Android. Try it on another PC or try loading the ISO in a virtual machine.

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