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Puppy linux founder has released version 1.4 of Quirky. Quiky is used to text his experimental simplified module load and interface configuration boot scripts.

Something new in Wary that has not yet been officially released, so is also being debuted in 1.4, is support for developing BaCon BASIC programs.

So how does this OS live up to the minimal name? Stay tuned for the review soon!


As said on the official Quirky page, “Unlike Puppy, Quirky is not intended for “everybody”. ” He also stated, he may or may not be bothered to put in lots of kernal drivers and applications. This is an OS to meet the needs of the creator and test his ideas on.

Boot up was rather fast, only took a few seconds. Not sure how it compares to puppy linux though. One thing i did notice in the boot up was this “Performing a ‘switch_root’ to the layred filesystem”. Which reading the Quirky page it says

Chroot instead of switch_root
This is a very technical thing. The initramfs will stay in existence after bootup and perform a kind of “super root” security function and ensure clean shutdown of all partitions.

Which i am not sure if in the background it did a chroot, cause it is a “very technical thing” but it doesn’t really mess anything up for the user. Just and observation.

Once the system was booted a screen like this appeared. Simple desktop look as expected. It starts up with a walk though sort of thing as your wallpaper. Showing you the simple tasks of how to use the internet, menus and such.

I clicked the menu (dog) and suprisingly there was alot of appliations pre-installed.

Heres a few screenshots of the pre-installed applications:
ImageBanana - QEMU_004.png
ImageBanana - QEMU_003.png

ImageBanana - QEMU_002.png

One thing i did notice as i was surfing this Distro was it has this fluxbox type of menu thing going on. When i right clicked on the wallpaper, it brought up the menu. Which i am a big fan of that feature.


Seamonkey was the choice of installed browsers. For those who don’t know what that is, its a very light weight firefox based browser. I used it back when i used windows a while back. I liked it, but still prefer Chrome these days.


Theme installed was this gray dull look. It was not very attractive to the eye. Just looks too dull, even the icons were all under this gray spell. Luckily the applications installed had their original looks to them.


Under the title of “fun” comes along a few well known games. I didn’t test all of theme, but the ones i did test seemed to be the generic default games. I am still impressed that in such a small amount of space the creator was able to fit in games in this release. This is a very minimal Os


Overall its a simple to the point distro, packed with a lot of needed applications. Its nice to see what it works with my netbook like a charm.

Would i use it as my main distro? No, but It looks like a great one for an old computer.



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Pastelinux: Salix OS Review!

Salix OS 13.1.1Salix Os is a distro based on Slackware. Salix Os is an easy way to get into slackware. Salix OS make it more accessible for users to install and configure for user. Salix OS comes in Xfce or LXDE desktop. Meaning we will be using a fast lightweight desktop environment. I went with XFCE for this review.

What’s New In This Release

Salix LXDE edition 13.1 has been released! Based on Slackware 13.1, it features the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, “an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environment”, with a clean look and feel. The main applications that complete the LXDE experience are the lightweight and fast PCManFM file manager and the popular Openbox window manager.

As with the standard, XFCE edition, this iso allows installation to be performed in three different modes, core, basic and full. The core mode installation is identical to the one you get from the XFCE edition. Basic will only install a minimal LXDE desktop with only midori and gslapt installed as extra and full will install everything that is included in the iso. That includes the lightweight Midori web browser, that uses the powerful webkit engine and the Claws-mail e-mail client, along with the Transmission torrent client and the Pidgin instant messaging client. Also included are the Abiword wordprocessor, the Gnumeric spreadsheet and the epdfview pdf reader. The Whaawmp! Media Player is used as the main media application and is accompanied by the powerful Exaile music player/manager and the Brasero disc burning application. Viewnior is the default image file viewer and mtpaint can be used for editing them. The full set of the Salix system tools are of course included in this release.

Users are able to use the Gslapt package manager, or the command line equivalent slapt-get, to install extra software in their systems from Slackware and Salix repositories, with complete support for dependency resolution.



Booting from a Live CD was easy. I also tested with unetbooten, which worked perfectly as well. So for your on to go OS’s this is one to add to your collection.

There are 3 diffeerent Modes of installation: Full, Basic and Core. Full installs everything included in the ISO. Basic installs only XFCE desktop evnironment. Core allows for a minimum essentials for a console system to boot up. For experienced users.

The Desktop

The Distro comes with an amazing looking boot up screen. Salix OS comes with a great look and feel. Plus since it comes in LXDE and Xfce its great for older/limited hardware computers. It doesn’t relay on Gnome or KDE so it wont take as much system resources.

Software Managemer:

Salix comes with a nice Software Management interface called Gslapt. It provides a decent amount of basic packages but if your used to ubuntus manager, its not as robust.


Flash is installed out of the box, so youtube wasn’t an issue. Another great feature about Salix is that it comes with the codecs that other OS don’t usually come with. Since they maybe illegal in your country.


Its a fine and great OS based on Slacks. I do enjoy the use of Xfce so glad they provided that option. The package manager wasn’t the most impressive but it gets the job done. Personally i rather use Slax over Salix if i was to pick a slacks based OS. But if you want to test it out, i say yes! Take this opportunity!


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“Seasons after Fall”, previously known as “Seasons”, is a 2D puzzle / platform game intended to be available on PC / Mac / Linux and consoles’ download services in 2011.

As a wild fox, the player travels across the countryside, through forests and rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons.

Non-violent, poetic and even a little bit ecological, “Seasons after Fall” appeals to the player’s curiosity, his sense of discovery and reflection.

I must say the graphics are amazingly attractive and well done. It really does have this attractiv poetic theme to it that makes you want to play it to get away from stress and enjoy some relaxing seasons, nature, and hopefully music such as the one presented in the video.

Here are some screenshots of the progress of the development:


For more information, please visit their webiste:

Experts estimate that the number of open source applications available doubles every fourteen months. Sourceforge alone has more than 260,000 projects, and with so many open source apps now available from so many different repositories, it can be hard to keep up.

Today I am going to increase your software knowledge:


1. No-ip

No ip is a great way to host a server on your computer while hiding your ip through there site. example is your ip, no-ip hides it with Plus its usable for just about every OS.


2. Scheme Maker

Takes photos/graphics and turns them into patterns for knitting or cross-stitching. Do i smell some homemade pie and a sweater with Tux on it from grandma this year?


3. Evolutility

This allows you to create web applications with out any programming base. Very simple to use and gaining alot of popularity

4. Game Editor

Another application that allows you to create something with out a programming base. This tool can help you make the next hit on the iPhone or other OS’s.


5. 0 A.D.

I am sure by now you heard this one. Its in alpha but seems to be on the lips of alot of linux users. Its a historical rts game were you build civilizations and battle others. Great graphics and works on windox, linux and OSX


6. timeEdition

This is a great time tracking app with minimal CPU use.

I’ll update this as i go along. Feel free to comment below and I’ll add your comment to this thread!


7. Anki

Anki is a great study tool. It has a flashcard base with sound. Perfect for learning languages, exams poems or music tabs. It contains a database of all types of study. Search for it and chances are theres a study pack. Personally i used it to learn korean it works fairly well. Plus it is free for windows, mac, linux, dbs, iphone, android and a few others.



Xubuntu 10.10 RC Review

Xubuntu 10.10 RC

Just like how i test all distros, i ran unetbooten. I do this to test if it has the ability to be stable on a portable device and because i don’t have time to make CD’s, nor do i have a CD drive on my Netbook to do such. So anyways i ran a live usb version of xubuntu 10.10 RC. I figured why not test it out as a RC. Which for those who do not know what RC means, i deals with release canidates. Meaning its for testing to find bugs and other flaws before an actual release. Very similar to beta testing but everyone gets in.
When i finally got to booting it, i noticed that it was fast, clean and light for a general purpose of my computer. Which is great since i run a netbook. The appearance was nice and the user interface was fine. IT was easy to install and use. The difference before ubuntu and xubuntu is that xubuntu uses xfce instead of gnome. Which means it comes with a differennt set of applications plus a different feel and look. Which if your like me, staying away from gnome is a must.
Even thought its not gnome it still uses the same repositories as ubuntu so no need to worry about that.

Looking Deep:
I must say for a candidate form it was pretty nice looking and feeling. The system was running smooth. The panel toolbar was placed on top. Just like other distros it has a menu drop-down that contained applications. Firefox being the installed browser. the software center was also installed.

The colors were okay, the light blue wallpaper was a little weak to me, but the black bar and theme made up for it. luckily theres a dark blue wallpaper that really gives this classy look to it.


Overall it was a fine RC. I didn’t actually test it for a long period but from a 20 minute interaction i was pleased. The web browsing was fast and simple vim/gedit editng was easy. The installation was easy and i didn’t run into any issues. It was a product of ubuntu so i wouldn’t expect less. I did like the interface, i am glad it wasn’t gnome, which make xubuntu xubuntu. Pretty solid Distro.
Rating: 9/10

Since 10.10 final is out theres no point in me linking the RC.

xubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso  – Download

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Live CDs is a great way to test out a Linux distribution, but have you ever seen a live web session before!?

You can now try Edubuntu live from your web browser (requires java plugin installed) and try it out before you even download!

Try it now here!

Lets review it!
Its very interesting to have the ability run linux from a web-browser. Its even more amazing to have it be persistent. Its great cause you make an account and you can use that account on any computer. All you need is java. It works on just about every major operation system.

An Edubuntu WebLive session may exist for up to 2 hours, after then it will be destroyed. You’re welcome to sign up again after that if you’d like to use it again though! We also currently limit it to 10 users at a time, but if the server is busy, please try again a few minutes later.

So it seems that this is more of a testing, but sure has a way of the future coming ahead. Although only 10 people online at a time, if they dedicate a server for this, we might see more of these kind of distros showing up.
Only issue it seems to have now is “you don’t have administrator access so you won’t be able to use tools that are at the heart of Edubuntu’s feature list such as Gnome Nanny or Pessulus.”

Ultimate Edition

Glenn Cady has announced the release of Ultimate Edition 2.8, an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD with extra applications, media codecs and hardware driversGlenn Cady has announced the release of Ultimate Edition 2.8, an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD with extra applications, media codecs and hardware drivers’

And thats just another distro based off ubuntu. But lets dig deeper.

A side note, I must say my mic is awful in my videos. So i am looking into buying a new one. So in the mean time, i review Distros with text and pictures. I hope thats not an issue.

Lets Explore this Ultimate Edition! Review!
This 2.8 version is based of 10.10 ubuntu, so we will probably see alot of the same things but lets hope Cady brings a little more into the mix.

Click to get full view

Click to get full view

Wallpaper and Theme:

My eyes! >.< This is a really blue theme. As you can see, the colors are over powering. Nothing is settle to the eyes. Its not very attractive. The wallpaper looks like bad photoshop/3d. Its just… Not very professional.

The icons though i did like. Its a really techy black glossy look. As seen on the image above.


Just to add, i was looking around to see how the theme was decided on. It looks like this (Click here) Was runner up. Are you kidding me? Why was this one not selected? It was actually decided 17 votes to 14 that the blue theme won. This dark orange… Looks great… Shame

So if your interested in stalling this amazing dark-orange them heres a link Which you can add to any ubuntu distro. Still amazed that this blue got selected.
New Menu Features:
The menu icon is red. The theme is blue. Not a very attractive match.

Ultimate Firefox


Firefox is installed with it own not very attractive theme. The icons don’t look nice and again it meets the over powering blue very well.

As i expected wife worked out of the box, which is great.


A really ugly version of ubuntu it seems. Nothing really special besides a theme. If your looking for something that screams look at me i run linux, then this is your distro. Cady, I encourage you to maybe use a little lighter colors or something that make someone feel at home. Instead of in Sci-fi London film Advertisement.

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.8
Architecture: x86 (32 bit)
Release Base: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
Environments: Gnome
Filesize: 2.4 GB (2,579,570,688 bytes)
MD5SUM: 5661e6972953f61bf009c8759c04ddbd

Images used are from Ultimate Edition official site.


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Tinycore Logo

In case this is your first time hearing about Tiny Core. Its one of the minimalist distros with a GUI. Rounding only 10MB! Extremely tiny. Which makes this distro stand out.
Today we shall review this interesting distro. Lets hope its not another ubuntu spin off.

First impressions:
Looked like it was stuck in safe mod. I really enjoyed the dock. that was a cool feature. I couldn’t figure out a way to get wifi working. But i read the wiki and installing should be easy. But it seems you need to have cable internet to get the application installed.
I liked how right clicking had its own menu. It had some interesting features in it. Everything out of the box was fine, and boot up only took several seconds. i think i counted about 5. The OS is only 10Mb. So theres not much in it.

Was pretty dull. I am not sure if theres any ways to install themes from what is put into those 10mb, you really can’t complain.

I couldn’t find one. There was application browser but i didn’t get a chance to test it out. So there might be an install in there.

10mb and with that 10mb you get alot of terminal things. I couldn’t call this a bad os for what it has.

Limited much use but it has a built in application browser so you can install as much as you want.

Like i said, its a pretty neat Os. For 10mb i wouldn’t expect less.
I give it 9/10. Probably a really cool Os for someone who wants to make there own.

Official site:

Lubuntu Logo

Howdy again! Today we are going to look at Lubuntu. Lubuntu isn’t actually an official release of ubunut but still based of ubunut. its using ubuntu 10.10 as its base and a LXDE desktop.
Lubuntu is said to be good for netbook cause of its light weight and easy to use with out alot of processing. I disagree.

Lets first cover the distro.
Lubuntu doesn’t really have any special features. Its practically ubuntu with a few minor changes and a new name.
The distro has a few different applications such as aqualung for a media player and mtPaint for its photo/paint editor. Which is just about it.
The theme in this distro is okay. its good a great blue wallpaper, which matches the blue theme of lubuntu. The icons are amazing though. i really thought the icon set in this distro was very unique.
There was not application manager installed. Meaning all installs would be packages or terminal. Which isn’t an issue, but if someone new to linux tried this, it would be an awful experience.
Wifi worked fine no issues with that. chrome was the only browser installed. Which is great! i enjoy chrome a lot. One thing i did find an issue with is, no flash. Adobe said flash was a plug in already installed, but i couldn’t get youtube to work out of the box. Sure i could have spent time trying to figure it out, but i want an easy distro that can have a simple thing like flash working.
When i record a video review of a distro i install recordmydesktop and record the review. Well in this distro i couldn’t get the damn thing to work. I would move my mouse the recordmydesktop would fail. I would open up chrome same thing. it was causing me great issues. I even at one point recorded the entire video without moving the mouse and when i went to end it, the applicaiton crashed. this got me awfully stressed with the distro. I was able to manage a 35 second video which is below of the distro.
When i tried converting the .ogv to mp4 the converter kept crashing. When i finally got the converter to work Gnome player wouldn’t play the video. It just kept giving me error. So i tried another video, another error.
It was getting to the point were i can officially call this distro a buggy one. If you were following the Distro it just got out of beta 3 so how come no one thought to maybe put off the official release?
Anyways, i am sure if your new to linux and you picked this distro up for the first appearance of linux you would never enjoy the great power of linux.
Overall i would give this distro a 5/10. Its got promise but too many bugs. Its based of 10.10 ubuntu, so i don’t understand how you can mess up that bad. Hopefully in the future we can see a real enchancement on this one.
Good luck Lubuntu!
-John Riselvato

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peppermint ice logo
Peppermint ice was released the other day on the 4th of October 2010. Peppermint is a light weight, user-friendly Distro with cloud technologies.
It runs standard Kernel 2.6.35 with a base on ubuntu LTS.
In this update we see a few new installed additions: Grep 2.7.0, sumba, file 5.04, free type 2.42, desktop preferences in menu, and a lot more.
Please follow me through this video to show you around in this new release of Peppermint ice!

Get Peppermint Here
John Riselvato

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