Today, Tuesday, May 4th, 2010, Mint has enlighten the community with Isadora, and lets just say im seeing more attractive features then ubuntus 10.04!
So lets cut to the leaf, The features!

* New Software Manager
o 30,000 packages
o Review applications straight from the Software Manager
o APT daemon
o Visual improvements
* New Backup Tool
o Incremental backups, compression, integrity checks
o Backup/Restoration of the software selection
* Menu improvements
o Editable items
o Transparent menu
o Always start with favorites
o “Add to” shortcuts
* Desktop settings
o Changes apply immediately
o Additional options
* Better look & feel
o Backgrounds
o Welcome screen
o Update Manager
* System improvements
o Windows installer
o Husse quotes
o USB Creator
o Default software selection
o Local repository and Gnome-PPP
o Apt hold/unhold/held commands
* Project changes
o Community Website
o CD & DVD
o Community Editions
o OEM installation disks
o USA/Japan distributors disks
o 32 & 64-bit
* Upstream improvements
o Faster boot
o Long Term Support

More at the mint official blog
More on this release later on today on my youtube channel.