Linux Live USB FAQ:

What is it ?

A Live USB is a Flash drive constaining a full Linux Operation system Which can be booted on any PC.

Live USBs are practically live CDs but has the ability to save settings and installed information to the USB device.

From this you can install the entire OS on your PC’s hard drive if wanted.


Payments are made through a safe and secure site called Paypal. Paypal is a very popular way of  payment through the internet. Websites like ebay use this system to make such money transfers. Paypal allows the buyer to connect there credit card to there account as well, while keeping there card out of site from anyone. More information on Paypal please view the

USA Shipping:

Once you pay for the product and order is emailed to my account. I have set it up so it tells me the exact item you ordered or theres no need for you to take any extra steps. Please ensure that the address on your Paypal account is your address because thats the address the product will be shipped to. Shipping is roughly 5-10 business days. Again, Shipping is and will stay free!

International Shipping:

Same information as USA shipping but I can not guarantee shipping time. Please allow 10-25 business days for out side of the US shipping.

How to Backup your device?

Using dd command (Read the wiki for better understanding)

Backup : dd if=/dev/device of=backup.img

Restore : dd if=backup.img of=/dev/device

Sales Conditions:

– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

– 100% Secure Ordering (Paypal System)

– Free Shipping!


Any question please feel free to email me at pastelinux (at) or jdriselvato (at) (this is the email my paypal account is connected to)