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More then one distro on USB? Sign me up!

Tutorial on how to boot more then one Linux Distro from your USB:

I haven’t had a chance to run through this, but this is an amazing idea. Its perfect, i know once i get some free time i am going to put Ubuntu, Mint and slax all on my 8gig!


New Years Resolutions

Well most of you don’t come on here to learn anything about me. but this is a blog and my resolutions do sort of relate to this blog so i figured i post it. Plus i think if i make resolutions in my head they will fail cause i never wrote them down. Lets be honest do you remember your last years resolution?

So heres my list of Resolutions;

1. Study Korean for atleast 30 minutes a day.
My korean studies have been pretty poor and to say i have been studying it for 2 semesters would be a lie cause i only remember about 1% of what i really learned.
2. Programming
I program about 4-5 hours a day (away from work) but i don’t seem to really build any thing worth while. Mostly learning different tasks and making mini applications. I want to go all out this year and start on a program (today 1st of January, 2011) and finish it on January 1st of 2012! One of my first long term goals.
3. Schooling/college
I really want to end my last semester kicking its ass. I want to completely destroy it. So by this i am going to be the top of my class in at least one class and ever other ones i want to be keeping a steady A.
4. Linux Relations
I really want to join fluxbox and build on to it. By making patches and fixes or new improvements to the code. Something that i wont spend alot of time on but would be nice to help out my favorite linux distro.
5. Blog
I would really like to work on this blog alot more. My biggest goal is atleast 2 blog posts a week and at least 1000 views a month. Which wont take off that fast but over time i guess.

Thanks for reading or skipping over this. good luck with your resolutions. If you have any resolutions your self. Share them below! ^_^

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