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In september fluxbox and mint fans were suprised with the newly added support of Mint 9 Fluxbox. Soon weeks after Mint 10 came out with its amazing icons and smooth theme. The wish for a Fluxbox 10 was on the minds of most users who decided to stay dedicated to the world of flux.

On February 14th, mint released two lovely announcements of Mint 10 KDE and LXDE. With these two out in the world. Will there be hope for a Mint 10 Fluxbox? Tell me what you think below. If so what features do you think it will contain? As well as what do you wish to see? Will you be updating?

I am hoping for a more panel customization from GUI and some fixes on icon updates. I always enough a fresh install of an OS on my netbook, so waiting for a new flux and it coming out will bring my great happiness.


John Riselvato


I ran into this really bad issue with my menus on fluxbox 9 mint.
I went through alot of chat with Paul Tagliamonte (Fluxbox maintainer), I know how lucky am i to go through an issue with the a maintainer him self? He showed me how to fix it as a fluxbox normal user (but i wanted to keep my mint fluxbox look).
So i did some searching with the information we came up with and luckily i figure out a simple fix.

this is what the issue looks like:


Using Mint-FM2

Mint-FM2 can be run from the terminal with the following options
mint-fm2 [generate|generate-gui|update|start|restart|stop|debug]

  • generate: Generates a new menu while preserving user changes.
  • generate-gui: Generates a new menu while preserving user changes with a GUI progress bar.
  • update: Updates the existing menu to the current set of installed applications.
  • start: Starts the user daemon that monitors for application changes.
  • restart: Restarts the user daemon that monitors for application changes.
  • stop: Stops the user daemon that monitors for application changes.
  • debug: Launches the debug prompt for expert users.

What this does is regenerates your menu. Meaning if your theme doesn’t want to change? Well run mint-fm2 generate and that fixes that issue.

If your missing installed applications in the menu do the same command. Pretty much for mint fluxbox 9 this is the fix for any menu probablems. Again linux is much easier to fix then windows ever was! hah

Now i don’t think this works with other fluxbox distros. Only mint due to the fact that the mint fluxbox maintainer created this. For more information:



First off  I would like to start of with a joke.

“..and then the unix Gods created ‘Man’..”

First off I would like to start off with a joke. “…and then the Unix-Gods created ‘Man’…” As funny as this is there is a good reason behind it. Now bare with me, Chances are if you don’t know what man is then you didn’t get the joke. Hopefully after this it beings a little smerk.Man, short of manual, is a system manual pager. An interface to the online reference manual. Just about everything and anything on your linux/unix system will have some sort of man connection…

For instance lets go type: “man chmod”


NAME chmod - change file mode bits
SYNOPSIS chmod [OPTION]... MODE[,MODE]... FILE...       chmod [OPTION]... OCTAL-MODE FILE...       chmod [OPTION]... --reference=RFILE FILE...

In the first few lines, you read the name, synopsis(structure of use) and Description. Everything you need to learn your program/script you just installed.

This is great because this allows a linux user to access how to material while offline or away from a GUI browser (which would be like a server).

Any questions please ask and I hope this gave you an in site on your future linux use.



Nabi is a simple way to type korean on your linux box. With a simple key switch you can change your keyboard from english to korean. The application stays on your menu panel and notifies you which input you are using.
A Korean X input method server plus imhangul status monitor
0.15-2: amd64 i386 powerpc. In addition, it shows the status of imhangul (GTK+ 2 input module) in System Tray (i.e. Notification Area).

If this sounds like something you would want to use then heres the install:
sudo apt-get install nabi

Now restart. Everything you turn on your system it will automatically start the nabi application.

If you do not wish to restart just yet then Press alt+f2 and type nabi.

The nabi butterfly icon will show up on the panel. Right click it to change its settings.

The way i have mine set up is under “Hangul” tab, i added left shift to switch in and out between the two languages.

I tested this on ubuntu, linux mint 9/10rc and mint fluxbox.

If you have any questions please ask below!
Pastelinux John Riselvato

Experts estimate that the number of open source applications available doubles every fourteen months. Sourceforge alone has more than 260,000 projects, and with so many open source apps now available from so many different repositories, it can be hard to keep up.

Today I am going to increase your software knowledge:


1. No-ip

No ip is a great way to host a server on your computer while hiding your ip through there site. example is your ip, no-ip hides it with Plus its usable for just about every OS.


2. Scheme Maker

Takes photos/graphics and turns them into patterns for knitting or cross-stitching. Do i smell some homemade pie and a sweater with Tux on it from grandma this year?


3. Evolutility

This allows you to create web applications with out any programming base. Very simple to use and gaining alot of popularity

4. Game Editor

Another application that allows you to create something with out a programming base. This tool can help you make the next hit on the iPhone or other OS’s.


5. 0 A.D.

I am sure by now you heard this one. Its in alpha but seems to be on the lips of alot of linux users. Its a historical rts game were you build civilizations and battle others. Great graphics and works on windox, linux and OSX


6. timeEdition

This is a great time tracking app with minimal CPU use.

I’ll update this as i go along. Feel free to comment below and I’ll add your comment to this thread!


7. Anki

Anki is a great study tool. It has a flashcard base with sound. Perfect for learning languages, exams poems or music tabs. It contains a database of all types of study. Search for it and chances are theres a study pack. Personally i used it to learn korean it works fairly well. Plus it is free for windows, mac, linux, dbs, iphone, android and a few others.



You must have noticed that either you didn’t have a wallpaper or couldn’t change the one your theme set for you. now asking your self how do i change fluxbox wallpaper.

Use this command to set the wallpaper (full screen).
fbsetbg -f /path/to/image.png

fbsetbg -c /path/to/image.png

or right click the image you want and select set as wallpaper. but this might only work on certain distros

If you haven’t already please check out my review of Mint 10 RC. It looks and feels great. The icons give it this really attractive look. Now if you are like me you don’t want to update or leave your distro over a icon pack.. So I did some digging and was able to successfully rake the icon pack from Mint RC 10 and add it to my linux Distro.

First your going to want to download this:
After you are done, you will need to extract it.
You should see two folders now. (Mint-X and Mint-X-Dark)
We will need to put these in /user/share/icons
Place them in there by physically moving them there or terminal command:
sudo cp -R Mint-X /usr/share/icons/
sudo cp -R Mint-X-Dark /usr/share/icons/

Now load up your appearance manager and see if they show up!
Any question please ask below!

– John Riselvato

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The config file for shortcuts is in /home/username/.fluxbox/keys
Username being the account your on.
So go:
vim /home/username/.fluxbox/keys
or replace vim with whatever editor you use.

A few shortcuts will be seen, lets learn how to make or modify our own!

you’ll need to know this:
Mod1 == Alt
Mod4 == Windows key
Control == Ctrl
Shift == Shift

So a short cut for “alt+f2″ would be “Mod1 F2″.
The reset are practically the same as you would expect.

Thats pretty much it!
Heres a link to an example of mine


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