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How to: Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04

Our friend over at thisweekinlinux, has a great new tutorials on how upgrade from your current ubuntu to the latest. More information at thisweekinlinux offical site.

Any questions post them below or on the youtube video it self.
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Ah yess! Ubuntu 10.04 aka Lucid Lynx.
*were do they get these names?*.
The release we all have been waiting for!
This new release includes the new kernel 2.6.32.

Which if your wondering whats so great about it, here we go:
-Improved support of Nvidia Graphic drivers
-The Driver is Open source (Nouveau).
-Gnome Desktop environment is updated with new features
-Built-in Twitter,, favebook, etc with MeMenu.
-New theme
-Better boot experience
-One file syncing
-Music store
Personal not enough of an update to make me switch from Mint to ubuntu. im perfectly fine with were im at. But im sure theres more then enough people with Nvidia Graphic issues that will be super excited! Welcome Nvidia Graphic drivers for all Linux OS though.

PC (Intel x86) desktop CD
64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD

Still here?
Well if you ask me, the twitter, FB, and other next work MeMenu seems.. a little off. Whats the point seems a little more like they just put something in so they can add to the list of new things. I don’t like the idea. Whats your view? Post it below-

Application: PlayOnLinux

Through the experience of linux, wine has become a second nature application for most window application use. It’s a great application to have in addtion to your Os but ever want to try another Windows application installer? Chances are you probably had an issue installing an application and wish it would run but you thought there is no back up plan on Wine… Well Now there is I found through a few youtube videos a great program just for your backup plan.
PlayOnLinux is a piece of sofware which allows you to easily install and use numerous games and softwares designed to run with Microsoft®'s Windows®.
Few games are compatible with GNU/Linux at the moment and it certainly is a factor preventing the migration to this system. PlayOnLinux brings an accessible and efficient solution to this problem, cost-free and rescpetful of the free softwares.

Installing PlayOnLinux:
The website actually provides a packaging release for most popular OS, So check the list for your distro.

Over at the Linuxmint blog it has been posted that th mint backup tool has been rewritten from scratch by iKey. Which this is good news in two ways one, its a featured program by a actual user of mint. Two, iKey is a personal friend of mine. Pretty cool to see him get up like this. Didn’t know he was that advance in programming. anyways heres text directly from the blog:

Linux Mint 9 will feature a brand new version of mintBackup, the “Backup Tool”, rewritten from scratch by a newcomer in the development team, somebody people on the IRC and the forums know quite well: Ikey.

Good job iKey.

Looks like Mint is coming out with 9 soon, and with ever new update by mint it must have the most attractive eye-candy wallpaper.

So if your interested in what maybe the new wallpaper check out the blog here and if your feeling it vote for who you think developed the best wallpaper.

Comment below on your vote.

Today we have a special guest in our series of interviews here at Pastelinux, Jordan from “This Week in Linux”. He is well known for his youtube videos and his live sunday night feeds. I had the opportunity to request a few questions pertaining his participation in linux. I had a fantastic time interviewing this guy, i hope to become closer to him over time.

1. When did you decided to take up linux and why did you stick with it.
” I first used Linux in 2001. My college roommate handed me a copy of Slackware Linux and told me it was the best thing ever. I disagreed at the time. I moved to Linux full-time at home in February of 2007, with Ubuntu 6.10.”

2. What experience do you have with linux (job or just personal)
“I have very little actual work experience with Linux…Most other jobs I’ve worked didn’t allow Linux for one reason or another, but I always try to bring it in wherever I work.”
Later her discussed his personal experience,
” I run Fedora 12 on my laptop and my old desktop, and Ubuntu 10.04 (Beta, updated to the most recent) on my new desktop. Since I made my transition to using Linux full-time, I have experimented with Foresight Linux, Arch Linux, Gentoo (briefly), and a handful of other distributions.”
Jordan also described that he did some software packaging for forsight.
“I actually did some software packaging for Foresight for about a year, and that was a lot of fun. I also worked briefly on a Gnome project, Snowy. I only committed one patch to it, and it was a minimal one, but it felt nice to do something to give back.”

3. Do you have any programming experience?
“I have a medium amount of programming experience. My college degree is in Computer Science, which almost literally translates to Programming. My current job has me programming in ASP.NET with C# (not by my choice… I have to work, and that just happens to be the language my work uses). In my personal life I taught myself Python in the last year and I use it for anything I want to write on my own.”
I’d enjoy learning more about his python career, so look for an interview on that coming soon in the future?

4. Out of all the distros out there which one do you prefer? Why?
“I don’t know if I would say I have a favorite. Ubuntu would be one, if I had to, because it’s the distro that made me convert to Linux full-time. Fedora is a great distro as well, so it’s probably a tie between them.”

5. What was your least favorite linux you have tried.
“My least favorite would have to be Gentoo. A lot of people will say that I’m a “noob”, but I just don’t like the idea of taking days to get a system up and running, and I don’t like the idea of manually installing all my software and manually updating it. I’ve got better things to do.”

6. How often do you use linux? (are you hardcore? or windows is your main?)
“I use Linux on all my home computers. I have a copy of Windows XP in a virtual machine to connect to my work computer because the VPN software I have to use only works in Windows. At work everything is Windows, but I’m doing my best to try to convert them to open source software.”

7. Will you be using Google chromes Os?
“I’ll definitely be trying Chrome OS, and if they put out a tablet PC, I’d love to see it and give it a shot. I don’t like the idea of everything being in the cloud. I can’t see myself editing video without local files, local programs, etc.”

If you obtain anything from this interview its this; Jordan is a young kid that willing to enrich the linux community. His Youtube Channel is based on helping people with linux issues with his “intro to linux” Series. A perfect source for all user levels.

Thanks again Jordan!

Still interested in This Week in linux? Check out these links:
Offical This Week in Linux Youtube account
Email him at
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Live Show Sundays at 9pm / Wednesdays at 4pm

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