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extract .tar.bz2 command

The simplest way to extract to a specific directory:
For a .tar.gz:

tar -xvzf file.tar.gz -C directory

For a .tar.bz2:

tar -xvjf file.tar.bz2 -C directory

To extract a tar.bz2 file, use the command (note the j option)

tar -jxvf filename.tar.bz2

To extract a tar.gz file, the the command (note the z option)

tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz

More then one distro on USB? Sign me up!

Tutorial on how to boot more then one Linux Distro from your USB:

I haven’t had a chance to run through this, but this is an amazing idea. Its perfect, i know once i get some free time i am going to put Ubuntu, Mint and slax all on my 8gig!


VIM!The Amazing thing about being in the world of 2010 is we have so many more advance technologies. When it comes to linux terminal, there are so many wonders that can be done. But how come the default terminal colors are 8?

Go ahead type:

tput colors
 see that number 8? ridiculous right? 

As of now there is a posibility of 256 colors  usable for the terminal. 
Luckily this is easy to make happen!
First install:

sudo apt-get install ncurses-term

and stick the following in your ~/.bashrc and/or ~/.bash_profile:

export TERM=xterm-256color

After you edit your .bashrc or .bash_profile source that same file:

source ~/.bashrc

Now retype that command above

tput colors


that is more like it! 😀

Now what is this good for?
Vim themes, terminal browsers, and anything else that might use color.
Speaking of vim themes! My top vim themes coming soon!

To hold you over heres an awesome them called xoria256.vim (which will only work with 256 terminal colors)

miksoft in ubuntu

The program has a very easy-to-use and simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) that helps even the most amateur user. Most of the times, the only data that you must enter is the input file(s) or just drag ‘n’ drop the input file(s)! The 3GP and AMR formats are used by mobile phones for MMS, video and sound recordings, etc.

The Mobile Media Converter is a free video and audio converter that uses ffmpeg to convert between popular desktop formats like MP3 audio, WMA, OGG audio, WAV audio, MPEG video, AVI video, WMV, FLV and commonly used mobile phones formats like AMR audio  and 3GP video.

An integrated YoutTube downloader is available for direct downloading and converting to any of these formats.


1K JavaScript madness(JS1k) had a simple goal, to challenge programmers and make them create fancy demos written in JavaScript that are 1k or less in size. Yeah thats right, just 1024 bytes to play with. If you are wondering if that is even possible, let me inform you that the contest is already over and 10 awesome JavaScript demos are shortlisted.

Thanks to JS1k and Slashdot. Links to each of the JavaScript animations are provided below respective screenshots. As slashdot puts it, after watching those awesome JavaScript demos, I was wondering what these guys could do if given some extra bytes.


Now it’s time for some really cool icon sets for your Ubuntu/GNOME. Read on.

Faenza icon theme

Equinox + Faenza theme combination.

Awoken icon theme

Elegant GNOME theme pack .

Elementary Icon Theme

Elementary project is one of the most talked about and actively developed open source project meant to provide much needed finesse to Linux desktop. Download Elementary Icon Theme. Also, check out beautiful Elementary theme for Ubuntu as well.

Faenza variants

Download Faenza Variants.

Last Amazing Grays icon theme

The Last Amazing Grays icon theme feature two different flavours, the dark one and the light one, as you can see in the above preview. Download The Last Amazing Grays Iconset.

Buuf icon theme

If you have used Ubuntu Satanic Edition ever before, you should be aware of Buuf icon theme already. Its a truly unique icon theme and worth a try. Download Buuf Icon theme.

Ubo Icons

Before getting exited, let me tell you, this icon theme is still a work in progress. But from the looks of it, this particular icon theme is truly promising. Preview Ubo Icons.

Azenis Icon Theme

Yet another breathtaking icon theme. It include the standard blue version(which is my favorite), another red alternative and an orange version also. Download Azenis Icon Theme.

gmetalik05 icon theme

Gmetalik05 is a pretty old theme, but still packs the punch. It is quite well designed and all those who like a little bit of bling will love this theme. Download gmetalik05 Icon Theme.

fast forward icon theme

Fast Forward Gnome Icon set is another beautiful icon theme for Ubuntu/Gnome. This icon theme features a customization script also to change the folder colors and also a new dock icons style, with token icons flavor. Download Fast Forward Gnome Icon theme.

I was reading over at and discovered this amazing thread. The top  7 Brilliant GNOME GTK Themes. Which i must say if i run ubuntu or mint with GTK, i would use these in a heart beat. Really amazing themes. So check it out on there site or view below!

Divergence IV - A New Hope GTK Theme

Illi! 0.5 GNOME GTK Theme
Equinox+Faenza theme ubuntu
Elegant Gnome Theme Pack Ubuntu PPA
Orta GNOME GTK Theme
Absolute GNOME GTK Theme
Victory GNOME GTK Theme


Mint 10 Released And Servers Crash?

The release of Linux Mint 10 has brought more traffic than we’ve ever seen before, and sadly also much more than our server is able to cope with. We’ve got dedicated servers for the website, the blog, the forums and the seeding of the torrents, and even with that, we’re not able to face the traffic!

Here are the download links to the ISOs and torrents:


HTTP mirrors:

Our apologies to people who are trying to access the website.

Thats pretty impressive in my book. Glad mint is becoming such a popular OS.

Enjoy the Downloads

Howto: Using Chmod part 1


This will teach you how to use chmod in unix/linux terminals.

Chmod allows users to set how much (or how little) access will be permitted on a file

If you go into a folder with files in it and type the command “ls -la” you will see something like this:

drwxr-xr-x 4 chi chi 4096 2010-11-14 16:52 .
-rwxr–r– 1 chi chi 1664 2010-11-11 20:55
-rw-r–r– 1 chi chi 3229 2010-11-13 23:24 display.pyc

The “d” stand for directory or folder. “r” stands for readable. “w” meads writable. and “x” stands for executable. The first “chi” is the user, this is the owner of the file or folder. the second “chi” is the group, groups are another lesson, but for short another example of a group would be “admin”, “user”, or “root”. The rest is the last access and file name.

As seen here:

-rwxrw-r– 1 chi chi 1664 2010-11-11 20:55

The first set, “rwx”, is the user permissions or the person who owns the file/folder. This is saying, the owner, “chi” has permission to read, write and execute file “”. Next “rw-” is the groups permissions. This says that the group is only allowed to read and edit the file, but not execute. The last pair “r–” says that guests may only read the file. Most times you want guests to have read only. Guests (such hackers) should not have full permissions cause it can cause the owner of a computer to have issues.

Now that we understand how to read “ls -la” and the permissions behind it, you might be wondering how do i edit these permissions. Lets learn!

We use the chmod command to change the access mode of a file. This command comes in many flavors, but we’ll be talking primarily about one of them.

chmod who=permissions filename

This gives “who” the specified permissions for a given filename.


The “who” is a list of letters that specifies whom you’re going to be giving permissions to. These may be specified in any order.

Letter Meaning
u The user who owns the file (this means “you.”)
g The group the file belongs to.
o The other users
a all of the above (an abbreviation for ugo)

then we use our previously learned r,w,x keywords.

First, let’s prevent outsiders from executing

Before: -rwxr-xr-x
Command: chmod o=r
After: -rwxr-xr-- 


Want to test it out online? Check this site out:

Blender is a free open source 3D modelling and graphics software widely used for making animated movies. Here is a nice collection of 8 short films and animations made using Blender which I think will give you an idea on Blender’s capabilities. Enjoy the ride.


Big Buck Bunny
Big Buck Bunny is probably the most famous blender animation movie ever made. It was produced by Blender Foundation and the movie is available for free download here.

Elephants Dream
Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made with open source graphics software Blender. It was also a Bender Foundation initiated project. Download movie from here.

Sintel Open Movie Project
Sintel Open Movie project is the third in a series of open movies by Blender foundation. It is soon going to be released and we had a small review of Sintel before. Watch the trailer below. Update: Sintel Open Movie Released.

Russian Soda Commercial by ArtDDs
This awesome ad was featured at Blender Nation. More details about the project here.

Yiy, A Song With Music Video Done in Blender
This is another interesting Blender made video project that was featured at Blender Nation.

Debug Blender Animation
This is a small animation video made using Blender. “Debug animation made in blender with chameleo as main character”. Its quite good, especially the movements of Chameleon which are tracked so beautifully.

Lighthouse Blender Animation by Promotion Studio
“A lighthouse keeper’s darkest hour turns out to be anything but.” A job well done.

Bridgestone Commercial by Promotion Studio
Another awesome video that was featured at Blender Nation. The commercial was produced by Promotion Studio for Bridgestone Australia. Blender was used for all 3D production.

Thats it for now. If you find more interesting Blender made videos elsewhere, do let us know and we will be more than happy to feature it here. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the awesome collection of Firefox Commercials and Redhat Commercials that we featured a while ago.

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