PSP With Linux Wallpaper

Ever want to build you own PSP game but didn’t know where to start? Well installing a pspsdk would be the best place to do this. A SDK allows provides you with everything needed to develop a psp game. With out it you wouldn’t be able to compile your source for PSP production. Note: You need Custom Firmware for your program to work. Also you need to know how to program in C++ or C to use this SDK Efficiently.

Tested on: Ubuntu, Fluxbox, Mint 9 and slax

First we need to install a few things:

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake bison flex \
  libncurses5-dev libreadline-dev libusb-dev texinfo libgmp3-dev   \
  libmpfr-dev subversion gcc

Download the install:
svn checkout svn://
This will create a folder named psptoolchain in your home. Keep it

Setting up the Environment:
With out this you can not start installing.
So edit your .profile file (located in the home directory).

  gedit .profile

Now add these line at the bottom of the file:
export PSPDEV="/usr/local/pspdev"
export PSPSDK="$PSPDEV/psp/sdk"
export PATH="$PATH:$PSPDEV/bin:$PSPSDK/bin"

Save the file.
Now in the terminal type:
source profile

Now for the install:
cd /psptoolchain
sudo ./

This will take about 1-3 hours. (maybe less) but it take some time, so go out get some air, study your c++/C book, google psp homebew tutorials, then come back hopefully the install will be finished.
After the install is done, you will need to keep the psptoolchain folder on your home, so don’t mess with that.
You wont notice anything different about your system, no applicaiton installed or any physical psp tools. This pretty much allows you to compile your source for the psp to read. Have fun and enjoy making PSP homebrews.