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A real interesting addition to ubuntu is the idea of a wallpaper clock. Wallpaper clocks are every so unique. Plus it uses just as much memory usage as a regular wallpaper so why not use it.

Just a few that i found attractive. If you would like to check out more wallpaper clocks, both free or paid check out Vladstudio.
If your still interested in these wallclocks let get into installing them!
First off we need “Screenlets” So do:
sudo apt-get install screenlets
Now that its installed Go to:
Search for a wallpaper clock through screenlet and hit the launch/add button.
A Small clock icon should show up on your desktop. Right click it and select install. Now browse to the downloaded wallpaaper clock file (its a .wcz file)
Now to activate the installed wallpaper clock you just selected right click the clock icon again and select Change Wallpper clock>My wallpapers>new installed files will be here.
Any Questions please ask or if you have comments please tell!
John Riselvato

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Looking to test out a Distro but don’t want to install on a cd or a hard-drive? Why not check out our Live USB store!

Howdy Pastelinux viewers.

Today I would like to announce the launch of our very own shop, “Live USB Shop”. Which can be viewed here. Which is also located at the left top of every page under the title “Live USB Shop”, next to Home and Faq.

The Live USB Distros include:

Ubuntu 10.10, Linux Mint 9, Linux Mint 9 – xfce, Linux Mint 9 – Fluxbox Ed, Puppy Linux 5.1, Easy Peasy 1.6, Kubuntu 10.10 Desktop, Xubuntu 10.10 Desktop, SLAX 6.1.2 and Fedora 11.

If you would like to see another distro on the list of Live USBs, please leave a comment below and I will see what I can do.

Each Live USB cost about $20 each, which include shipping, flash drive cost and installation time. Also would like to point out that i looked around and put my prices lower then most other Sellers to get you guys the best deal.

For those who don’t understand Live USBs you can read the FAQ for the full details. But for short:

A Live USB is a Flash drive constaining a full Linux Operation system Which can be booted on any PC.

Live USBs are practically live CDs but has the ability to save settings and installed information to the USB device.

From this you can install the entire OS on your PC’s hard drive if wanted.

Anyway thanks for following the blog and i hope you enjoy the new shop.

If you have any question please email me at  pastelinux (at) gmail.com or read the Faq.


John Riselvato

Lubuntu Logo

Howdy again! Today we are going to look at Lubuntu. Lubuntu isn’t actually an official release of ubunut but still based of ubunut. its using ubuntu 10.10 as its base and a LXDE desktop.
Lubuntu is said to be good for netbook cause of its light weight and easy to use with out alot of processing. I disagree.

Lets first cover the distro.
Lubuntu doesn’t really have any special features. Its practically ubuntu with a few minor changes and a new name.
The distro has a few different applications such as aqualung for a media player and mtPaint for its photo/paint editor. Which is just about it.
The theme in this distro is okay. its good a great blue wallpaper, which matches the blue theme of lubuntu. The icons are amazing though. i really thought the icon set in this distro was very unique.
There was not application manager installed. Meaning all installs would be packages or terminal. Which isn’t an issue, but if someone new to linux tried this, it would be an awful experience.
Wifi worked fine no issues with that. chrome was the only browser installed. Which is great! i enjoy chrome a lot. One thing i did find an issue with is, no flash. Adobe said flash was a plug in already installed, but i couldn’t get youtube to work out of the box. Sure i could have spent time trying to figure it out, but i want an easy distro that can have a simple thing like flash working.
When i record a video review of a distro i install recordmydesktop and record the review. Well in this distro i couldn’t get the damn thing to work. I would move my mouse the recordmydesktop would fail. I would open up chrome same thing. it was causing me great issues. I even at one point recorded the entire video without moving the mouse and when i went to end it, the applicaiton crashed. this got me awfully stressed with the distro. I was able to manage a 35 second video which is below of the distro.
When i tried converting the .ogv to mp4 the converter kept crashing. When i finally got the converter to work Gnome player wouldn’t play the video. It just kept giving me error. So i tried another video, another error.
It was getting to the point were i can officially call this distro a buggy one. If you were following the Distro it just got out of beta 3 so how come no one thought to maybe put off the official release?
Anyways, i am sure if your new to linux and you picked this distro up for the first appearance of linux you would never enjoy the great power of linux.
Overall i would give this distro a 5/10. Its got promise but too many bugs. Its based of 10.10 ubuntu, so i don’t understand how you can mess up that bad. Hopefully in the future we can see a real enchancement on this one.
Good luck Lubuntu!
-John Riselvato

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Looking to test out a Distro but don’t want to install on a cd or a hard-drive? Why not check out our Live USB store!

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