Puppy linux founder has released version 1.4 of Quirky. Quiky is used to text his experimental simplified module load and interface configuration boot scripts.

Something new in Wary that has not yet been officially released, so is also being debuted in 1.4, is support for developing BaCon BASIC programs.

So how does this OS live up to the minimal name? Stay tuned for the review soon!


As said on the official Quirky page, “Unlike Puppy, Quirky is not intended for “everybody”. ” He also stated, he may or may not be bothered to put in lots of kernal drivers and applications. This is an OS to meet the needs of the creator and test his ideas on.

Boot up was rather fast, only took a few seconds. Not sure how it compares to puppy linux though. One thing i did notice in the boot up was this “Performing a ‘switch_root’ to the layred filesystem”. Which reading the Quirky page it says

Chroot instead of switch_root
This is a very technical thing. The initramfs will stay in existence after bootup and perform a kind of “super root” security function and ensure clean shutdown of all partitions.

Which i am not sure if in the background it did a chroot, cause it is a “very technical thing” but it doesn’t really mess anything up for the user. Just and observation.

Once the system was booted a screen like this appeared. Simple desktop look as expected. It starts up with a walk though sort of thing as your wallpaper. Showing you the simple tasks of how to use the internet, menus and such.

I clicked the menu (dog) and suprisingly there was alot of appliations pre-installed.

Heres a few screenshots of the pre-installed applications:
ImageBanana - QEMU_004.png
ImageBanana - QEMU_003.png

ImageBanana - QEMU_002.png

One thing i did notice as i was surfing this Distro was it has this fluxbox type of menu thing going on. When i right clicked on the wallpaper, it brought up the menu. Which i am a big fan of that feature.


Seamonkey was the choice of installed browsers. For those who don’t know what that is, its a very light weight firefox based browser. I used it back when i used windows a while back. I liked it, but still prefer Chrome these days.


Theme installed was this gray dull look. It was not very attractive to the eye. Just looks too dull, even the icons were all under this gray spell. Luckily the applications installed had their original looks to them.


Under the title of “fun” comes along a few well known games. I didn’t test all of theme, but the ones i did test seemed to be the generic default games. I am still impressed that in such a small amount of space the creator was able to fit in games in this release. This is a very minimal Os


Overall its a simple to the point distro, packed with a lot of needed applications. Its nice to see what it works with my netbook like a charm.

Would i use it as my main distro? No, but It looks like a great one for an old computer.



Distribution Quirky
Home Page http://bkhome.org/quirky/
Screenshots The Coding Studio
Download Mirrors http://www.puppylinux.com/download