Diaspora is now in testing stages, luckily even you can test it.

“Every week, we’ll invite more people,” stated the developers behind the project. “By taking these baby steps, we’ll be able to quickly identify performance problems and iterate on features as quickly as possible.”

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg may not be worried about Diaspora quite yet, the service is one of a growing number of efforts to build out open-source-based social-networking software and services. Others includeIdentica, a Twitter-like messaging service built on open-source software, and the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Social.


They raised US$200,000 from investors in the project. In interviews, they have stated their collective goal was to develop open-source software for social networking as an alternative to commercial alternatives such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

So heres my question to you,

Will you used diaspora once its public to anyone?