First I must warn you from the date that this thread was created, working with Android that is integrated with Eclipse is not possible on a Netbook. Meaning if your screen size is around 1020 by 600 then you mine as well wait until google decided they are going to fix there menu bug.

Tested on: Ubuntu, Mint 9, Mint RC 10 and Mint Fluxbox 9

First, go to the Android website and download the SDK. Make sure you choose the Linux version.
MD5 Checksum: e10c75da3d1aa147ddd4a5c58bfc3646

Extract the downloaded File to your home folder.
You will need to add the filepath to the end of your .bashrc or .profile file. Which is located in your home but its hidden. So open your terminal and type:

cd /home/your_username
vi .bashrc

Note: If you don’t know how to use vi then use gedit or another text editor.

Now add this to the end of your .bashrc file

export PATH=${PATH}:<your_sdk_dir>/tools

Note: Replace <your_sdk_dir> with the filepath of the SDK folder. Since i told you to extract it to your home folder it should be something like this: /home/your_username/android_sdk_linux_86/

Now you need to install eclipse. So in the terminal do:

sudo apt-get install eclipse

One the install is complete start up eclipse:
open Eclipse (Application -> Programming -> Eclipse)

On the menubar, click on Help -> Install new software
At the Work with field, enter and click Add.
You will see that there are several software now available for installation. Ignore them.

Next, erase away the entry in the Work With field and add Click Add.

Check all the entries in the bottom pane and click Next to install.

Once the installation is done, restart Eclipse.

Go to Windows -> Preferences. On the left, select the Android entry.

Enter the Android filepath in the SDK location field. Click Apply follow by OK.

Go to WIndows -> Android SDK and AVD Manager.
On the left pane, select the “Available Packages” entry. On the right, place a check on the version of the Android SDK that you want to install. Once done, click the Install Selected button.

Your done! Hopefully everything worked for you. You are now on your way to creating android projects. To create an android project, go to “file -> New -> project” and choose android project in the wizard window.