First off  I would like to start of with a joke.

“..and then the unix Gods created ‘Man’..”

First off I would like to start off with a joke. “…and then the Unix-Gods created ‘Man’…” As funny as this is there is a good reason behind it. Now bare with me, Chances are if you don’t know what man is then you didn’t get the joke. Hopefully after this it beings a little smerk.Man, short of manual, is a system manual pager. An interface to the online reference manual. Just about everything and anything on your linux/unix system will have some sort of man connection…

For instance lets go type: “man chmod”


NAME chmod - change file mode bits
SYNOPSIS chmod [OPTION]... MODE[,MODE]... FILE...       chmod [OPTION]... OCTAL-MODE FILE...       chmod [OPTION]... --reference=RFILE FILE...

In the first few lines, you read the name, synopsis(structure of use) and Description. Everything you need to learn your program/script you just installed.

This is great because this allows a linux user to access how to material while offline or away from a GUI browser (which would be like a server).

Any questions please ask and I hope this gave you an in site on your future linux use.