Ubuntu’s alternate CD installation wizard gives us an option to encrypt our Ubuntu installation partition, so you’ll want to burn the ISO file into a live disk or create a bootable USB drive and install Ubuntu with it.

Ubuntu’s alternate installation menu is very similar to your standard Ubuntu installation menu. The installation wizard will ask you to choose your language, keyboard, network, and the most important step is the partitioning method where we need to choose the ‘Guided – use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM’ option to encrypt our entire hard disk.

Please note that we have to provide a ‘Master’ and not ‘Slave’ empty hard drive for the installation.

The installation wizard will ask you to specify a passphrase that you will use to decrypt your hard drive when you login to Ubuntu.

The encryption wizard will encrypt your ‘home’ folder, just in case if we place our ‘home’ folder outside your Ubuntu installation partition.

That’s it ! Follow the rest of the installation steps and the wizard will install Ubuntu on top of an encrypted partition.