Salix OS 13.1.1Salix Os is a distro based on Slackware. Salix Os is an easy way to get into slackware. Salix OS make it more accessible for users to install and configure for user. Salix OS comes in Xfce or LXDE desktop. Meaning we will be using a fast lightweight desktop environment. I went with XFCE for this review.

What’s New In This Release

Salix LXDE edition 13.1 has been released! Based on Slackware 13.1, it features the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, “an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environment”, with a clean look and feel. The main applications that complete the LXDE experience are the lightweight and fast PCManFM file manager and the popular Openbox window manager.

As with the standard, XFCE edition, this iso allows installation to be performed in three different modes, core, basic and full. The core mode installation is identical to the one you get from the XFCE edition. Basic will only install a minimal LXDE desktop with only midori and gslapt installed as extra and full will install everything that is included in the iso. That includes the lightweight Midori web browser, that uses the powerful webkit engine and the Claws-mail e-mail client, along with the Transmission torrent client and the Pidgin instant messaging client. Also included are the Abiword wordprocessor, the Gnumeric spreadsheet and the epdfview pdf reader. The Whaawmp! Media Player is used as the main media application and is accompanied by the powerful Exaile music player/manager and the Brasero disc burning application. Viewnior is the default image file viewer and mtpaint can be used for editing them. The full set of the Salix system tools are of course included in this release.

Users are able to use the Gslapt package manager, or the command line equivalent slapt-get, to install extra software in their systems from Slackware and Salix repositories, with complete support for dependency resolution.



Booting from a Live CD was easy. I also tested with unetbooten, which worked perfectly as well. So for your on to go OS’s this is one to add to your collection.

There are 3 diffeerent Modes of installation: Full, Basic and Core. Full installs everything included in the ISO. Basic installs only XFCE desktop evnironment. Core allows for a minimum essentials for a console system to boot up. For experienced users.

The Desktop

The Distro comes with an amazing looking boot up screen. Salix OS comes with a great look and feel. Plus since it comes in LXDE and Xfce its great for older/limited hardware computers. It doesn’t relay on Gnome or KDE so it wont take as much system resources.

Software Managemer:

Salix comes with a nice Software Management interface called Gslapt. It provides a decent amount of basic packages but if your used to ubuntus manager, its not as robust.


Flash is installed out of the box, so youtube wasn’t an issue. Another great feature about Salix is that it comes with the codecs that other OS don’t usually come with. Since they maybe illegal in your country.


Its a fine and great OS based on Slacks. I do enjoy the use of Xfce so glad they provided that option. The package manager wasn’t the most impressive but it gets the job done. Personally i rather use Slax over Salix if i was to pick a slacks based OS. But if you want to test it out, i say yes! Take this opportunity!


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