Experts estimate that the number of open source applications available doubles every fourteen months. Sourceforge alone has more than 260,000 projects, and with so many open source apps now available from so many different repositories, it can be hard to keep up.

Today I am going to increase your software knowledge:


1. No-ip

No ip is a great way to host a server on your computer while hiding your ip through there site. example is your ip, no-ip hides it with Plus its usable for just about every OS.


2. Scheme Maker

Takes photos/graphics and turns them into patterns for knitting or cross-stitching. Do i smell some homemade pie and a sweater with Tux on it from grandma this year?


3. Evolutility

This allows you to create web applications with out any programming base. Very simple to use and gaining alot of popularity

4. Game Editor

Another application that allows you to create something with out a programming base. This tool can help you make the next hit on the iPhone or other OS’s.


5. 0 A.D.

I am sure by now you heard this one. Its in alpha but seems to be on the lips of alot of linux users. Its a historical rts game were you build civilizations and battle others. Great graphics and works on windox, linux and OSX


6. timeEdition

This is a great time tracking app with minimal CPU use.

I’ll update this as i go along. Feel free to comment below and I’ll add your comment to this thread!


7. Anki

Anki is a great study tool. It has a flashcard base with sound. Perfect for learning languages, exams poems or music tabs. It contains a database of all types of study. Search for it and chances are theres a study pack. Personally i used it to learn korean it works fairly well. Plus it is free for windows, mac, linux, dbs, iphone, android and a few others.