Xubuntu 10.10 RC

Just like how i test all distros, i ran unetbooten. I do this to test if it has the ability to be stable on a portable device and because i don’t have time to make CD’s, nor do i have a CD drive on my Netbook to do such. So anyways i ran a live usb version of xubuntu 10.10 RC. I figured why not test it out as a RC. Which for those who do not know what RC means, i deals with release canidates. Meaning its for testing to find bugs and other flaws before an actual release. Very similar to beta testing but everyone gets in.
When i finally got to booting it, i noticed that it was fast, clean and light for a general purpose of my computer. Which is great since i run a netbook. The appearance was nice and the user interface was fine. IT was easy to install and use. The difference before ubuntu and xubuntu is that xubuntu uses xfce instead of gnome. Which means it comes with a differennt set of applications plus a different feel and look. Which if your like me, staying away from gnome is a must.
Even thought its not gnome it still uses the same repositories as ubuntu so no need to worry about that.

Looking Deep:
I must say for a candidate form it was pretty nice looking and feeling. The system was running smooth. The panel toolbar was placed on top. Just like other distros it has a menu drop-down that contained applications. Firefox being the installed browser. the software center was also installed.

The colors were okay, the light blue wallpaper was a little weak to me, but the black bar and theme made up for it. luckily theres a dark blue wallpaper that really gives this classy look to it.


Overall it was a fine RC. I didn’t actually test it for a long period but from a 20 minute interaction i was pleased. The web browsing was fast and simple vim/gedit editng was easy. The installation was easy and i didn’t run into any issues. It was a product of ubuntu so i wouldn’t expect less. I did like the interface, i am glad it wasn’t gnome, which make xubuntu xubuntu. Pretty solid Distro.
Rating: 9/10

Since 10.10 final is out theres no point in me linking the RC.

xubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso  – Download

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