A real interesting addition to ubuntu is the idea of a wallpaper clock. Wallpaper clocks are every so unique. Plus it uses just as much memory usage as a regular wallpaper so why not use it.

Just a few that i found attractive. If you would like to check out more wallpaper clocks, both free or paid check out Vladstudio.
If your still interested in these wallclocks let get into installing them!
First off we need “Screenlets” So do:
sudo apt-get install screenlets
Now that its installed Go to:
Search for a wallpaper clock through screenlet and hit the launch/add button.
A Small clock icon should show up on your desktop. Right click it and select install. Now browse to the downloaded wallpaaper clock file (its a .wcz file)
Now to activate the installed wallpaper clock you just selected right click the clock icon again and select Change Wallpper clock>My wallpapers>new installed files will be here.
Any Questions please ask or if you have comments please tell!
John Riselvato

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