Live CDs is a great way to test out a Linux distribution, but have you ever seen a live web session before!?

You can now try Edubuntu live from your web browser (requires java plugin installed) and try it out before you even download!

Try it now here!

Lets review it!
Its very interesting to have the ability run linux from a web-browser. Its even more amazing to have it be persistent. Its great cause you make an account and you can use that account on any computer. All you need is java. It works on just about every major operation system.

An Edubuntu WebLive session may exist for up to 2 hours, after then it will be destroyed. You’re welcome to sign up again after that if you’d like to use it again though! We also currently limit it to 10 users at a time, but if the server is busy, please try again a few minutes later.

So it seems that this is more of a testing, but sure has a way of the future coming ahead. Although only 10 people online at a time, if they dedicate a server for this, we might see more of these kind of distros showing up.
Only issue it seems to have now is “you don’t have administrator access so you won’t be able to use tools that are at the heart of Edubuntu’s feature list such as Gnome Nanny or Pessulus.”