Ultimate Edition

Glenn Cady has announced the release of Ultimate Edition 2.8, an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD with extra applications, media codecs and hardware driversGlenn Cady has announced the release of Ultimate Edition 2.8, an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD with extra applications, media codecs and hardware drivers’

And thats just another distro based off ubuntu. But lets dig deeper.

A side note, I must say my mic is awful in my videos. So i am looking into buying a new one. So in the mean time, i review Distros with text and pictures. I hope thats not an issue.

Lets Explore this Ultimate Edition! Review!
This 2.8 version is based of 10.10 ubuntu, so we will probably see alot of the same things but lets hope Cady brings a little more into the mix.

Click to get full view

Click to get full view

Wallpaper and Theme:

My eyes! >.< This is a really blue theme. As you can see, the colors are over powering. Nothing is settle to the eyes. Its not very attractive. The wallpaper looks like bad photoshop/3d. Its just… Not very professional.

The icons though i did like. Its a really techy black glossy look. As seen on the image above.


Just to add, i was looking around to see how the theme was decided on. It looks like this (Click here) Was runner up. Are you kidding me? Why was this one not selected? It was actually decided 17 votes to 14 that the blue theme won. This dark orange… Looks great… Shame

So if your interested in stalling this amazing dark-orange them heres a link Which you can add to any ubuntu distro. Still amazed that this blue got selected.
New Menu Features:
The menu icon is red. The theme is blue. Not a very attractive match.

Ultimate Firefox


Firefox is installed with it own not very attractive theme. The icons don’t look nice and again it meets the over powering blue very well.

As i expected wife worked out of the box, which is great.


A really ugly version of ubuntu it seems. Nothing really special besides a theme. If your looking for something that screams look at me i run linux, then this is your distro. Cady, I encourage you to maybe use a little lighter colors or something that make someone feel at home. Instead of in Sci-fi London film Advertisement.

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.8
Architecture: x86 (32 bit)
Release Base: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
Environments: Gnome
Filesize: 2.4 GB (2,579,570,688 bytes)
MD5SUM: 5661e6972953f61bf009c8759c04ddbd

Images used are from Ultimate Edition official site.


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