If you haven’t already please check out my review of Mint 10 RC. It looks and feels great. The icons give it this really attractive look. Now if you are like me you don’t want to update or leave your distro over a icon pack.. So I did some digging and was able to successfully rake the icon pack from Mint RC 10 and add it to my linux Distro.

First your going to want to download this:
After you are done, you will need to extract it.
You should see two folders now. (Mint-X and Mint-X-Dark)
We will need to put these in /user/share/icons
Place them in there by physically moving them there or terminal command:
sudo cp -R Mint-X /usr/share/icons/
sudo cp -R Mint-X-Dark /usr/share/icons/

Now load up your appearance manager and see if they show up!
Any question please ask below!

– John Riselvato

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