I saw this one over Linuxaria and thought this is something a lot of people should use. So i went ahead and tested all the wallpaper changers. Today we will be looking at the one that i enjoyed over the rest of the list.

Wally in action

Back when i used mint 9, i used wally for my automatic wallpaper changer. I enjoyed it very much and it did everything i needed.
the best part about wally is you can do a search from google images and it will keep taking wallpapers from it and changing it. So you don’t need to have your pictures folder full of pictures to get a good use.
sudo apt-get install wally
then use f2+alt and type wally
if you need check this good guide: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/wally-an-incredible-cross-platform-wallpaper-rotation-app/

If you don’t like wally then you may want to check out Desktopnova, Desktopnova or Desktopnova.

sudo apt-get install desktopnova

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