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In case this is your first time hearing about Tiny Core. Its one of the minimalist distros with a GUI. Rounding only 10MB! Extremely tiny. Which makes this distro stand out.
Today we shall review this interesting distro. Lets hope its not another ubuntu spin off.

First impressions:
Looked like it was stuck in safe mod. I really enjoyed the dock. that was a cool feature. I couldn’t figure out a way to get wifi working. But i read the wiki and installing should be easy. But it seems you need to have cable internet to get the application installed.
I liked how right clicking had its own menu. It had some interesting features in it. Everything out of the box was fine, and boot up only took several seconds. i think i counted about 5. The OS is only 10Mb. So theres not much in it.

Was pretty dull. I am not sure if theres any ways to install themes from what is put into those 10mb, you really can’t complain.

I couldn’t find one. There was application browser but i didn’t get a chance to test it out. So there might be an install in there.

10mb and with that 10mb you get alot of terminal things. I couldn’t call this a bad os for what it has.

Limited much use but it has a built in application browser so you can install as much as you want.

Like i said, its a pretty neat Os. For 10mb i wouldn’t expect less.
I give it 9/10. Probably a really cool Os for someone who wants to make there own.

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