I decided I am going to take this linux blog seriously. I plan on informing the masses about the needed terms, applications, and other important things that i use in at work. I feel if i inform the world about what i do as a system admin, they more people will have a set up in there pursue in a system admin career.
But not only show you that, but other fun or useful things that linux does provide. (ie; Video game, editing tools, music players)

To thank all of my supporters i have created a high resolution wallpaper. This as of now is the official PasteLinux Wallpaper. Also as you can see its what has been presented in my intro in my videos. So get that here.

If you are interested in Making art work for PasteLinux then please email me at pastelinux(at)gmail(dot)com and it may get featured on a video or on this site!

If graphics isn’t your thing, but still would like to contrubite to PasteLinux, there a donation icon to the right top where you may donate if you please. It can be as low as one dollar or as high as 10Million. Theres no limit, its just nice to have supporters!
If theres any thing you want my to cover, please email me and ill most likely make a video for it.
-John Riselvato