gloria desktop
Ah Yes i remember mint 7 Gloria. Beautiful Gloria. Seems her life in the linux community is coming short. As of October 23rd, the distro will be meeting its end of life. Meaning No more updates or security fixes. Sad to see her go, but its time for an upgrade. Sorry Gloria, it was fun while it lasted. Mint users and ubuntu users will be facing the same issue around this time. Ubuntu will be closing down 9.04. So if your one of the few people still holding on to Gloria, it might be a good time to start backing up your folders and getting the next generation of mint operating systems. A little history, currenty 15% of mint user base is still using Gloria. Gloria was the most popular release. Gloria introduced a black and green shiki theme which has been passed down to the more recent releases (8&9). With one down a new release will come. In November expect a release. Hints have show us that there will be a new theme as well as some improvements. Menu, update, software and upload managers. Offical Mint info here

Look for a tutorial on Pastelinux to help you update from mint 7 to mint 9 coming soon!