Recenty Mint decided to take upon the community fluxbox and promote it as there own. Great news for the linux mint community!
When i first heard of fluxbox i was thinking terminal. Very minimal GUI and hard to use. Boy was i wrong.
Installation was easy. Took less then 10 minutes.
I counted boot time (first time booting into the OS after install). Took about 35 seconds.
The second time took 20 seconds. I don’t care about load time but something you might want to know.
Once i finally got into the Desktop the default looked like this:
Mint Fluxbox desktop image
Look very simple and clean. No desktop items. One thing i did notice was no menu icon on the menu bar. Which is actually called “Tint2 panel”
Right clicking actually brings up the menu. Its actually very attractive and minimal.
As seen in the picture this is what shows when right clicking. Also you can see that your home name is on the top of the list. From what i have been thus far, its the only way to get to your home folder without terminal.
Another great feature was out of the box, wifi worked perfect. Connected to my network easy. I didn’t notice any kind of change from mint 9 to fluxbox in internet speed which is a great.
Customizing the desktop was easy as well, But you will soon learn that alot of it come from editing a config file. Such as editing your background. So you probably will be googling often. But once you do it once you soon will get used to the process.
I work with the terminal a lot and this terminal isn’t any different from ubuntu/mint terminals. Apt-get install worked like a charm as well as simple commends. One thing i did notice was Vim wasn’t installed, i don’t remember if it usually is, but at least vi was.
I give it a strong 9/10!
Some keyboard shortcuts are not working yet but that doesn’t really bother me. Personally i changed from mint 9 to fluxbox and will be keeping it that way until i find a better OS.
If are interested in getting your copy of fluxbox from mint, click here!
Size: 615MB