Through the experience of linux, wine has become a second nature application for most window application use. It’s a great application to have in addtion to your Os but ever want to try another Windows application installer? Chances are you probably had an issue installing an application and wish it would run but you thought there is no back up plan on Wine… Well Now there is I found through a few youtube videos a great program just for your backup plan.
PlayOnLinux is a piece of sofware which allows you to easily install and use numerous games and softwares designed to run with Microsoft®'s Windows®.
Few games are compatible with GNU/Linux at the moment and it certainly is a factor preventing the migration to this system. PlayOnLinux brings an accessible and efficient solution to this problem, cost-free and rescpetful of the free softwares.

Installing PlayOnLinux:
The website actually provides a packaging release for most popular OS, So check the list for your distro.